Retail loyalty

Dot Origin are helping retailers to super-charge new and existing loyalty schemes by taking advantage of new ‘just tap’ interactions with customers in physical stores.​

Retailer CRMs can track customers’ digital journeys, but their in-store interests have been anonymous – until now.​

​Capture shoppers’ in-store interests and optimize CRM campaigns to drive sales across omnichannel journeys.​

How it works:​

  • ​VTAP mobile wallet NFC readers upgrade the loyalty experience.​ Customers just ‘tap’ their phone on a reader to engage in the journeys that interest them.​ The reader automatically detects the digital loyalty card in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet and talks to the CRM system, which can message the customer’s phone, app, or update their digital loyalty card immediately.​
  • Capture 1st party data on every customer interest.​ Mobile wallet NFC loyalty cards make engagement effortless – no fumbling with magstripe or QR-code scanners.​ Wi-Fi connectivity takes reader touchpoints anywhere – for engagement right there and then.​
  • Motivate consumers to tap with offers and gamified experiences.​ Example offers include: Tap in electronics for manufacturer coupon, Tap in fashion for a chance to win champagne, Tap in sportswear for a chance of lunch with a sports celebrity​.
  • ​Stay connected through a new comms channel.​ Mobile wallet loyalty cards support push notifications – send personalized messages such as deal expiration reminders and incentives for in-store purchases nearby.​

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