Leading brand smartcard, PKI & NFC products​​ ​

We stock, serve and support best-in-class products from our globally respected partner manufacturers, backed-up by the highest levels of knowledge and expertise.​

We’re experts in high assurance security – ready to supply anything from secure identity tokens, to complete door access control systems and two factor authentication solutions based on government grade public key cryptography.​

CMS solutions​

Card Management Systems (CMS’s) secure and simplify the management of credentials (contact, contactless and hybrid) over their entire life-cycle, from personalisation and issuance to revocation; even across dispersed locations.​

CMS’s can provide automated and self-service management capabilities, as well as allowing certain admin functions to be delegated to authorised staff through secure workflows with audit trails.​


We provide an extensive range of products from world recognised vendors.​

With in-house card production and a specialist software team, we have unrivalled expertise with the widest range of smartcard technologies, both contact and contactless, from programmable Java cards and PKI logon cards to MIFARE RFID cards.​

Contact, RFID & NFC readers

We’re one of the largest independent stockists of smartcard readers.​

We can help with just about any form-factor and technology of reader – from OEM NFC modules and wall mounted door access readers, to desktop and mobile contact card readers.​

Reseller enquiries

We have a dedicated distribution division focused on serving our reseller community with fast quotes and competitive pricing. For reseller enquiries please go to Dot Distribution >>.

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