Custom NFC readers

Dot Origin offers an expert design service for fully- and semi-customised NFC readers, based on our highly successful and popular VTAP range. Our VTAP reader is already available in modular form for OEM applications, and can be easily adapted and tuned to work with third-party antennas. We can also incorporate this technology into advanced and customised designs for specific applications and uses.

In all cases, the core hardware and firmware are common across all of our reader designs, leading to significant added value through our programme of continual development and improvement. We also offer dual-processor designs where our VTAP reader electronics is paired with a general-purpose processor module (such as an ESP32) to support on-board customer-developed firmware.

Depending on the included elements, we can provide support for the following technologies and capabilities:

Core NXP-based NFC chipset supporting a wide range of MIFARE and NFC Forum compliant physical cards and tags.
Support for advanced secure credentials, primarily based on DESFire EV1/2/3, with secure storage for multiple DES and AES keys.

Support for complex NFC tag NDEF parsing and decoding as well as NFC tag emulation.

Complete, certified, in-reader support for Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap NFC passes, including secure storage for multiple ECC keys, smart pass decryption and parsing.

Certified support for ECP2 and DESFire credentials for Apple Access applications with customisable TCI values and configurable credential provisioning.

Outside-world interface(s) via USB, TTL serial, RS-232, RS-485 (including OSDP), Wiegand, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (Classic and BLE), Ethernet (with PoE) and/or anything else required! Support for programmable serial LEDs with animations, external sensors, and any other peripheral devices, IoT protocols and physical requirements.

We also help to manage the certification processes including for Apple, Google, CE, FCC, ISED and other national certification bodies.

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