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RFID / NFC integration

Contactless card / tag integration software utility

Read-a-Card provides the missing link between a contactless smartcard reader and existing software applications.

Transfer data from just about any standard contactless RFID/NFC card, label or fob to Windows PC apps, without having to develop specialized software interfaces. Automate processes and workflows with seamless integration of RFID data capture.

Common uses include:

  • Enrolment of cards into door access control systems
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Asset tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • Loyalty card reading
  • Barcode scanner replacement
Read-a-Card identifies the contactless technology being used and reads the unique chip ID, or securely encoded customer-specific data, from the card / tag presented to the reader. This data can then be logged to a file or automatically sent to other software or web applications.

Data can be reformatted and transferred in several ways, including via Windows messaging API or by simulating key-strokes to input information within the chosen target application (keyboard wedge functionality).