Mobile NFC Wallet

Apple Wallet & Google Wallet NFC pass readers –’just tap’ user convenience and simple integration

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Smartcard authentication

Enterprise PKI-based smartcard authentication – minimal setup time and easy scalability

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Secure RFID

Safeguard enterprise RFID/NFC access controls – prevent card cloning and replication

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Integrated access control

Streamline identity and access management – one database for all controls, everywhere, in real-time

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Transactional IoT

Drive digital customer engagement in response to ‘just tap’ interactions at the places they visit

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What we do

Dot Origin creates hardware and software products that leverage our technical expertise and our passion for usability to deliver functionality, performance, and value. We develop and polish mainstream technologies to address new markets and market needs. And we support all our solutions with helpful advice, appropriate services and a dedication to quality.

We also distribute best-in-class hardware and software products from selected manufacturers and partners, and operate the well-known Smartcard Focus online store, making it easy for customers and channel partners to obtain a wide range of specialist products from the realms of our expertise.

Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf mobile wallet NFC reader or a PKI smartcard with customised properties and RFID encoding for your building, you’ve arrived at the right place! Some of our most popular products and solutions are described below, and if you think we can help with your project or requirements, please just get in touch.



Mobile wallet NFC readers and software that enable a wide range of new and exciting ‘just tap’ interactions between people and the places they visit.


A cost-effective range of hardware security tokens that comply with the new FIDO2 standards for web authentication.

Key-ID Access

A carefully-designed range of RFID and NFC credential encoding solutions that encompass physical card technologies such as DESFire, and virtual cards in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.


Gym member ID

We can help you to migrate to digital membership cards for access control, check-in and more, without high costs or complexity, by leveraging Apple Wallet and Google Wallet NFC technologies.

Windows 2FA

We can provide all the components needed to successfully deploy PKI smartcards that can be used to ensure truly secure desktop and laptop login sessions as well as combining physical access if needed.

Retail loyalty

We can show you how to super-charge new and existing loyalty schemes to take advantage of new ‘just tap’ interactions in physical stores, and to implement new omnichannel marketing opportunities, comms channels and app engagement methods.

Custom NFC readers

We specialise in designing and developing NFC reader hardware that is certified for Apple VAS, Apple ECP2 and Google Smart Tap as well as reading and decrypting NFC cards and tags. As well as our well-known VTAP range of readers and off-the-shelf OEM modules, we offer custom and semi-custom solutions and bespoke antenna design services.