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Mobile wallet pass reader

Mobile NFC pass reader

The VTAP100 is a new mobile wallet reader that reads iPhone and Android based passes via NFC.

This easy-to-deploy, self-contained hardware solution for reading and decrypting NFC pass data is designed for non-payment applications – such as retail loyalty, gym check-in and sports ticketing, among many more use-cases.

No need for users to open phones and select the appropriate pass – the VTAP100 does that automatically. Because VTAP100 is certified by both Apple and Google to work with their respective Apple VAS and Google Pay Smart Tap protocols, including support for automatic pass selection, all that’s required is a simple tap of a phone against the VTAP100 antenna for the correct pass to be processed.

The VTAP100 connects to a host system via either USB or Wiegand interface standards (Wiegand protocol being most suitable for turnstiles and similar access control devices).