Dot Origin Offers Unique Mobile Smart Card Solutions from Feitian

Dot Origin has introduced a new and expanded range of smart card readers aimed at the growing market for secure mobile applications on iOS and Android devices.

The Feitian bR301 battery-powered smart card reader provides both Bluetooth and USB connectivity with a wide range of mobile platforms while the iR301 series offers the ability to neatly enhance most iPhones and iPads with smart card reading capabilities. All of the Feitian devices come with a free SDK to make application development as easy as possible.

The various Feitian readers and cards are available to buy through Smartcard Focus for world-wide shipping and Smartcard Focus US for the US, Canada and Mexico.

Dot Origin Introduces New Hybrid Smart Cards for Combined PKI and Door Access

Through its unique position as an independent specialist smart card distributor, Dot Origin has been able to bring to the market several new and unique mixtures of smart card technologies that have enabled its customers to combine multiple functions onto a single cost-effective card.

These include popular PKI-based smart card chips embedded into RFID cards designed for physical access systems such as Paxton Net2, HID iClass and NXP DESFire, as well as lower-cost smart cards for thin-client authentication combined with MIFARE and other contactless technologies.

All of these cards are available from Dot Origin’s Smartcard Focus online store without any minimum order quantity requirements.

Dot Origin Expands its Portfolio of Sony FeliCa Products

Several NFC-compliant products from Sony have recently been introduced to the European market by Dot Origin, including the RC-S380 desktop USB contactless reader, the RC-S634 embedded reader module and the RC-S966 NFC Type 3 card.

The various FeliCa readers, modules and cards are available to buy through Smartcard Focus for world-wide shipping and Smartcard Focus US for the US, Canada and Mexico.

Dot Origin Launches New Version of its DTAG100 Proximity Marketing Device

Responding to recent interest in the use of Bluetooth beacons for proximity marketing, Dot Origin has launched a new version of its popular DTAG100 Dynamic NFC Tag, combining both NFC and iBeacon functionality in a single unit.

Designed primarily for fitting inside digital advertising screens and kiosks, the DTAG100-PRO can be used to add both of these popular short-range wireless technologies to existing systems, due to its simple USB connection and wide compatibility with all common software platforms used in this industry.

By using a DTAG100, an advertising or kiosk platform can control and update all of the NFC and Bluetooth beacon parameters in real-time, allowing the mobile experience to be tailored to match whatever is shown on screen. Advanced features allow multiple beacons to be emulated at once, and data to be sent back from a mobile application to in-store systems.

Dot Origin Technology Enables Mobile Interaction with Manchester’s New Outdoor Touchscreens

Dot Origin has achieved further success in the digital out of home advertising market with its the state-of-the-art product, the DTAG100 Dynamic NFC Tag. This unique device uses short-range wireless technologies to enable sophisticated mobile consumer engagement with advertising screens and kiosks.

Designed to include several cutting-edge technologies, the new CityLive high-tech digital touchscreens have been installed at major pedestrian areas of Manchester, taking interactive screens to a whole new level. By using Dot Origin’s DTAG100, each screen is capable of providing consumers with way-finding information, news, weather and unique advertising content linked to whatever is displayed on screen, and collected by a simple tap of their mobile phone.

Dot Origin Wins Contract to Supply Smart Cards for University of West Indies

With exacting requirements, the University of West Indies selected Dot Origin to supply hybrid smart cards that combine both physical access and PKI security chips for use by students and staff across multiple campus locations. Key to Dot Origin’s success was their ability to assist with the development of a customised on-card applet to suit the University’s needs, and to load and configure the cards with various security parameters prior to delivery.

Dot Origin Hosts Exclusive CISO Dinner at Savoy to Discuss Converged Security

A dozen chief information security officers from FTSE100 companies gathered at a private event at the Savoy Grill in London to discuss with representatives from Gemalto and Dot Origin how converged security can benefit organisations through lower costs and increased security.

Distributed by Dot Origin, Gemalto products in this space include hybrid IDPrime smart cards that can be used for secure logon as well as physical access, while Dot Origin also provides the EdgeConnector converged IP-based door access control solution that leverages Active Directory for storage and management of all user access permissions.

Dot Origin NFC Expertise Again on Show in Barcelona and Hamburg

Two large pharmaceutical exhibition stands have again been equipped with Dot Origin’s Read-a-Card software along with a specially-built content delivery server plus control interfaces for sounds, lights and moving sculptures, in order to create a unique, interactive visitor experience.

Even bigger and better than previous installations, the system connects dozens of iPads and digital display screens together, along with animatronics, to enable visitors to interact with digital content through their NFC badges, and providing detailed measurement of visitor behaviour and engagement both during and after the show.

Dot Origin Sets New Standards In Integrated Access Control

In order to meet future market expectations for fully integrated and converged access control solutions, Dot Origin has released a major new version of its ground-breaking EdgeConnector IP-based door access system.  The latest solution is now packaged along with the new, highly flexible and expandable EdgeConnector EH400-K Controller, which acts as the local intelligence at the door, with comprehensive features for direct real-time integration with Active Directory.

The latest software provides powerful new features, real-time reporting and layered security such as location-based logon-prevention, further expanding the potential for EdgeConnector to be used in highly security-conscious corporate and government environments.

EdgeConnector controllers and accessories are available to buy through Smartcard Focus for world-wide shipping, Smartcard Focus US for the US, Canada and Mexico, and from selected specialist partners and installers.

Dot Origin Exhibits at Infosec 2013 with Versatile Security

The latest smart cards, smart card readers and PKI smart card management software are all on show in London at Infosec, where Dot Origin has again partnered with Versatile Security to illustrate how the latest technology can be used to control both physical access to buildings as well as secure logon to desktop and laptop PCs, all with a single card.