Building secure IT systems

Smart cards are recognised as being one of the best platforms for implementing strong authentication and data encryption. These applications can be implemented using a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) or a range of other techniques including OATH-based one-time passcodes or ‘chip-and-PIN’ secure password storage.

Dot Origin supplies component parts and complete solutions covering a wide range of IT security requirements, including PKI and logon solutions from leading manufacturers such as Gemalto and HID.

These solutions range from complete packaged products to development kits allowing users to implement their own bespoke systems or to utilise specialised biometric and smart card hardware.

Intelligent partners

Dot Origin is continually working with industry partners to further develop and enhance smart card-based IT security products. Examples include the development of a low cost Sun Ray thin client authentication card with Sun Microsystems, a contactless pre-boot authentication card for certain Dell laptops, and a customised one-time passcode solution based on ACS APG82 readers and Javacard technology.

Current projects include iOS and Android-based smart card authentication, and .NET PIN policy implementation on Microsoft FIM and other card management platforms.

If you are considering any kind of strong security deployment, we would encourage you to contact us to discuss your IT security needs.