IP based door access control

For various reasons, the physical security industry has been slow to embrace the full benefits of TCP/IP connectivity, other than for CCTV cameras, but products such as HID’s Edge range of Ethernet-powered (PoE) door controllers have started to change this.

Along with new ways to connect door access systems come perhaps more significant changes to the way that they work. With most organisations investing heavily in reliable, ubiquitous IP networks, the days of relying on proprietary databases and stand-alone door controllers running in cupboards are over!

The use of IP technology means that door access control can be made part of the IT infrastructure, integrated into existing systems, and leveraged for other applications, including location-based authentication, time and attendance, and building management.

Integrated into the IT infrastructure

Dot Origin offers a range of products aimed at fully integrating door access control into the IT network. These include the IP-connected and Ethernet-powered (PoE) Edge controllers from HID and Dot Origin’s EdgeConnector software, that links these directly to Active Directory.

This enables IT departments to manage physical access rights alongside existing PC user rights, increasing security and providing a convenient platform for single-sign-on and unified role management, without removing the role of security personnel in managing cards, users, visitors and doors.

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