A European smart card scheme

Since 2006, EU legislation has required all new heavy goods vehicles to be fitted with digital tachographs that record driving activity on a driver’s smart card as well as in the tachograph unit itself. Activity data can be downloaded and analysed in order to ensure compliance with driver’s hours and working-time regulations.

Transport operators therefore need solutions to periodically download their digital tachograph data in order to comply with the regulations. Dot Origin has become one of the leading suppliers of low-cost software solutions within this market, through its popular EasyTac product range.

Dot Origin has also worked with customers on various related projects including integration of smart cards with in-cab PDA and telematics systems.



Download, Store, View, Comply

Dot Origin’s popular PC software solution, EasyTac downloader, provides transport operators with a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for meeting the essential requirements of digital tachograph legislation – namely to periodically download, view and store all driver’s card and vehicle unit (VU) activity data.

EasyTac downloader has quickly become a market leading solution in the UK and this success has led to its release in a variety of languages to serve the European market, as well as other emerging markets.

EasyTacDot Origin has also developed the EasyTac Connect hardware device for downloading data directly from a digitial tachograph, as well as various bluetooth and mobile tachograph download solutions.