Contactless technology

Contactless cards, tags and readers supplied by Dot Origin are used in a wide variety of applications including access control, loyalty, asset tracking, follow-me printing, advertising and time and attendance. With a wide range of development kits available, we can assist customers in creating their own tailored solutions, as well as having some ready-made solutions.

To help support the integration of contactless card technology into other systems, Dot Origin has developed Read-a-Card, an ID discovery solution for easily reading card identity information and passing it to other software.

A focus on NFC

With the emergence of Near Field Communications technology, mobile phones can also incorporate contactless functionality, including the ability to read and write contactless cards, emulate smart cards and interact with other phones and devices such as smart posters and dynamic tags.

A flagship of NFC products, Dot Origin has developed the DTAG100, a unique device that uses NFC technology to enable increased consumer interactivity and brand engagement with digital signage, kiosks and in-store point-of-sale systems.

The Dot Origin team is happy to offer advice and recommendations to customers involved in contactless and NFC projects – please contact us for further information.