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One ID for all access

Hybrid smartcards

The most secure, cost-effective and manageable credential for all identity and access applications

Making it possible for each staff member to use just one ID for all identity and access applications not only makes life easier for them, which aids their productivity, but also strengthens security across the organisation by enforcing behaviours that ensure protective measures are not circumvented (such as by the loan of door access cards to colleagues, or by leaving logged-on computers unattended).

Hybrid smartcards combine a separate contactless RFID interface chip with a contact chip in the same card body. This enables the best choice of standards-based contact and contactless technologies to be selected for an organisation’s specific requirements, including:

  • PC and network logon
  • Email encryption
  • Digital signatures
  • Door access
  • Document print-release
  • Cashless vending

Get in touch to discuss your identity credential requirements.

Case study

How hybrid smartcards delivered increased security and convenience while reducing costs for British Sky Broadcasting