Dot Origin Launches New Version of its DTAG100 Proximity Marketing Device

Responding to recent interest in the use of Bluetooth beacons for proximity marketing, Dot Origin has launched a new version of its popular DTAG100 Dynamic NFC Tag, combining both NFC and iBeacon functionality in a single unit.

Designed primarily for fitting inside digital advertising screens and kiosks, the DTAG100-PRO can be used to add both of these popular short-range wireless technologies to existing systems, due to its simple USB connection and wide compatibility with all common software platforms used in this industry.

By using a DTAG100, an advertising or kiosk platform can control and update all of the NFC and Bluetooth beacon parameters in real-time, allowing the mobile experience to be tailored to match whatever is shown on screen. Advanced features allow multiple beacons to be emulated at once, and data to be sent back from a mobile application to in-store systems.