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ACS – Advanced Card Systems

ACS smartcards, readers & dev kits

Dot Origin is an official distributor of Advanced Card Systems (ACS) and stocks a wide range of ACS smartcards, smartcard readers and development kits as well as offering value-added services including factory card printing, custom ACOS card embedding and reader housing/firmware customisation.

Recognised as one of Asia’s leading smartcard technology companies, ACS is based in Hong Kong and has a long and successful track record in the smartcard industry, having developed many popular products including the ACOS3, ACOS5 and ACOSJ smartcards and the ACR38, ACR39, ACR122, ACR1252 and ACR1281 series smartcard readers.

We have worked very closely with ACS for many years and have extensive experience in using and developing with their products. Many customers start by buying one of the ACS SDKs and then go on to develop a solution for their users, sourcing further cards and readers as needed.

We aim to hold all standard ACS smartcard products in stock, in order to provide fast shipment from our UK warehouse. If you need further help or advice on choosing the right product for your requirements, or need to source a less commonly used ACS products, please get in touch.