Personalise your cards

Dot Origin offers a range of card personalisation solutions and bureau services. Depending on the volume there are two main approaches to card printing:

  • For medium to high volumes, cards can be sourced from manufacturers with full colour printing on both sides, along with other features such as anti-counterfeiting options and signature panels. This approach is generally used to produce bulk quantities of cards, identically printed.
  • For low volumes, ‘re-transfer’ printing techniques provide a high-quality on-demand service that can be cost effective even for individual cards. This can be used for applications including photo-ID printing, card personalisation and marketing samples.

With its in-house software development expertise, Dot Origin can also assist with the development of customised encoding and fulfillment processes. This can include contact and contactless chip personalisation, name and number printing, personalised letter printing and postal fulfilment.

With an in-house team experienced in managing all kinds of card production projects, Dot Origin can provide an end-to-end service, from sourcing the correct card to producing a finished product, whether it be for 1 or 1,000,000 cards.