Where did we come from?

Our well known Smartcard Focus web site was first launched in 1997, selling a limited range of cards, readers and software packages, such as a consumer solution for managing the phonebook on GSM SIM cards.

Dot Origin is now one of Europe’s leading distributors of smart card products from all of the world’s major manufacturers, and has built an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and extensive technical knowledge within its field.

This growth has been fuelled by significant advances in the underlying technologies, as well as adoption of these technologies in many new markets over the past few years.

We have always maintained an independent stance, helping our customers to choose the right products based on their requirements, and aiming at the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

What do we stand for?

We strive to offer a fast, efficient and personalised service to each and every customer, and full end-to-end technical support on all the products and solutions we sell.

We are not, therefore, a traditional ‘box shifting’ distributor, since we understand the workings of the products we sell, and can give expert advice on choosing, developing and deploying solutions based on many different smart card technologies.

We also hold appropriate stocks of all products, which means we are usually able to offer a next-day delivery service in the UK, and extra-fast shipment to other countries in Europe, North America and elsewhere.

We have direct purchasing accounts with all our major suppliers, enabling us to manage what can sometimes be a complex and slow supply chain that is affected by the vagaries of the silicon manufacturing industry.